Paulsen Releases Statement on REC Estimate

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) released the following statement after the Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) met today and released new revenue estimates:

“The REC numbers released today should be no real surprise to Iowans. Over the past two years, Democrats have increased state spending by nearly $1 billion and now we’re seeing the results of that spending spree compounded by a weak economy.

Republicans are adamant now is not the time for tax increases nor big debt and spending schemes such as the ones the governor has suggested. Since we cannot be sure we have hit the bottom yet, we must preserve the state’s cash reserves to protect against future economic turmoil. Republicans will also continue to suggest cost-saving measures such as the $48 million previously offered.

The Legislature needs to stop wasting time on department bills, government commissions, and renaming agencies. There are more than 80,000 Iowans out of work and the state needs the legislature to start focusing on economic growth, job opportunities, and encouraging employers to invest in our workforce to head off further economic problems.”