Polling Results Show House Republicans Inline with Iowans

House Republican’s work this year is inline with what Iowans want. A new poll in the Des Moines Register on Sunday shows that Iowans agree with what Republicans have been saying all year. Some of the highlights of the poll, which polled 802 Iowans ages 18 or older, randomly selected, are as follows:

On Governor Culver’s $750 Million bonding plan:

Fewer than a quarter of Iowans say it is better to borrow the money, while 71 percent say it is better to pay as the state has the money over time.

On the issue of Fair Share:

By more than 2 to 1, Iowans say they are opposed to a bill that would allow unions to charge nonunion employees for services they receive from the union

On Prevailing Wage:

Fifty percent of Iowans say they oppose a measure to set minimum pay and benefits for workers on government construction projects. Forty-one percent favor the measure that supporters call the “prevailing wage” proposal.

The full article and poll results can be found here (Des Moines Register)

For PDF version of the poll results, click here.