Pro-Jobs Agenda Moving

As we near the end of another week in the House, it is important to highlight the work underway to get Iowa’s economy moving again. House Republicans believe that in order to create quality jobs and careers for Iowans, job creators need to know our economy is stable. We are crafting legislation that will continue our focus on jobs, savings and certainty for all Iowans.

House Republicans have wasted no time passing legislation helping to put Iowans back to work. Most of the following bills have already passed the House in a bipartisan manner, some are still pending:

House File 2042– Requires all administrative rules created by state agencies to be accompanied by a ‘Jobs Impact Statement’. Administrative rules are the regulations written by government bureaucrats to implement laws approved by the legislature.

House File 2085–Relates to employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and provides an incentive for a business owner to sell all or a portion of a company to an Iowa-based ESOP. This would result in the employees of a company having ownership interest in their company and could also be used to provide retirement benefits.

House File 2103 – Makes it easier for new employers to do business in Iowa by reducing the length of time they pay an ‘introductory rate’ for unemployment taxes. This introductory rate is not based on the employer’s history and often forces them to subsidize existing employers. New employers will spend less time paying a tax rate mandated by the state. This proposal transitions the employer much quicker to a plan that reflects its actual employment history.

House File 2014 –Allows employers to recover faster from the last few years of economic decline and get back to a lower tax rate, freeing up money to hire more employees or invest in their business.

While we have been quick to act on legislation, there are still areas we are working on that will make it easier to be an employer in the state and signal that Iowa is open for business:

Budget –As economic uncertainty continues throughout the country, House Republicans will take a conservative approach to the budget to give stability for Iowa’s job creators. Controlling government spending by spending less than the government takes in demonstrates a commitment to commonsense budgeting and economic health that employers deserve. The best way to help Iowa’s employers is to keep control of government spending.

Property taxes –Property tax reform affects Iowa’s economy and is an impediment to putting people back to work. Our uncompetitive property tax system is a burden on job creators and prohibits businesses of all sizes from expanding, hiring or even settling in Iowa. The House Republicans’ plan delivers significant relief and genuine reform to all property taxpayers.

Government efficiency —House Republicans have continued our efforts of listening to Iowans and digging deep into the budgets, with a line by line review to cut out waste and find efficiencies. With Iowans help, we will once again create a state budget that is efficient and effective.

We’ll keep moving bills forward that focus on putting Iowans back to work, give taxpayers a seat at the table and create a more efficient and effective government because that’s what Iowans want and deserve.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns – you can contact me at or at my office (515) 281-3521.