Rep. Kaufmann Revives Eminent Domain Bill

Kaufmann Eminent Domain

Gives Senate Democrats a second chance at protecting private property rights

Today, Representative Bobby Kaufmann offered an amendment to Senate File 272 which would protect Iowan’s private property rights and family farms from government overreach.

The amendment, which mirrors House File 219, strengthens property laws in Iowa by preventing the taking of private land for a recreational lake.  Entities would still be allowed to condemn land to create a lake, but only for drinking water. If the lake is designed for recreational purposes, the land must be willingly sold by the land owner.  Additionally, individuals whose land is being condemned for drinking water will have the opportunity to get a second engineering opinion to determine the actual amount of water needed for the community. The amendment also provides an appeals process for land owners losing land to eminent domain for the creation of a lake.  House File 219 originally passed with a bipartisan vote of 93-6 only to die in the Senate.

Rep. Kaufmann proposed the amendment in hopes that Senate Democrats will bring this bill up to protect private property rights.

The amendment was approved and the bill passed, as amended, with a bipartisan vote of 95-2.

House Republicans urge Senate Democrats to bring this bill to a vote and protect private property rights and family farms.

  • Dexter

    Private property rights MUST be protected ALWAYS.