Report Shows Education in Iowa is Slipping

C-A recent report by the American Legislative Exchange Council has given Iowa a C- grade in education policy, down from a C in 2010.  In addition, the report has Iowa ranked at 31st in the nation in educational performance.

Now is the time for education reform here in Iowa.  During the 2012 campaign season, House Republicans promised to build strong schools and communities, and education reform is a major piece.

The Education Reform package, House File 215, is a part of that promise.  This week, the House is set to debate education reform so be sure to watch the debate here, once it gets started.

To read the full ALEC report, click here.

  • Trace Frahm

    Our local community in Walnut, Iowa provided our school board with an excellent public charter school conversion plan last year. The charter would have provided character and core values curriculum, service based learning from K-12, required the Pledge of Allegiance be returned to the classrooms, and given our community school a new start. The community voted in favor of the conversion to a public charter school by a 93% margin, the teachers voted was tighter but it favored the charter too. After the votes were taken and the charter was presented to the school board for final approval the teachers created a petition against the charter apparantly changing their mind from their earlier vote. The teachers didn’t like the Pledge of Allegiance, volunteer signing of a letter of understanding by teachers and parents prior to coming into the school, and accused the charter of being a “religious school”. The “certified” teachers in our school essentailly were killing their own jobs because the school will be whole grade consolodated without the charter option. But that didn’t seem to matter! The school board voted 4-1 against the charter, the Iowa Dept of Education charter school employees were no where to be found when we needed them the most.