Representative Grassley Joins Economic Development Board

Representative Pat Grassley (R-New Hartford) was recently named as an ex officio member of the Iowa Department of Economic Development Board. Grassley, who is chairman of the House Economic Growth / Rebuild Iowa Committee will join Representative Roger Thomas (D-Elkader), Senator Tom Courtney (D-Burlington), and Senator Hubert Houser (R-Carson), as the legislative ex officio members on the Board.

As an ex officio member, Grassley will not possess a vote pertaining to final action that the Board takes. Instead, ex officio members are meant to attend meetings to provide government oversight of state activities and to add legislative input about matters before the Board.

State law provides for the number of board members (15) as well as for the qualifications/requirements must be met for the overall board makeup. For instance, certain areas of expertise must be represented on the Board. These areas include finance, insurance, or investment banking, advanced manufacturing, statewide agriculture, life sciences, small business development, information technology, economics or alternative and renewable energy, labor, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The statute also calls for four legislative ex officio members, of which one individual is named from each party from each chamber of the legislature.