Republicans announce “Iowa Family Budget Initiatives”

Republican Party of Iowa State Chairman Matt Strawn today joined State Senator Steve Kettering (R- Lake View) and State Representative Scott Raecker (R- Urbandale) at the Iowa State Fair to announce the beginning of a four-month effort to outline a new program called “Iowa Republicans: Real Solutions for Iowa’s Families.”

From left to right: Chairman Matt Strawn, Senator Steve Kettering, Representative Scott Raecker

“Iowans need leadership, and Republicans are stepping up to provide it,” said Strawn. “We are prepared to lead with innovative and bold solutions to the challenges facing Iowa’s families and small businesses. Today is the first step in sharing our agenda with Iowans.”

Strawn noted that the first series of Republican solutions, focused on Iowa’s budgetary problems, provides a stark contrast with a Democrat majority led by Governor Culver that has placed Iowa on the precipice of a one billion dollar budget shortfall.

“Today we are pleased to offer our Iowa Family Budget Initiatives, a set of three common sense solutions to restore the fiscal balance in state government and protect the pocketbooks of Iowa families who will undoubtedly shoulder the burden created by Governor Culver’s mismanagement of our state’s finances,” said Strawn.

The Iowa Family Budget Initiatives are:

  1. Constitutional amendment to limit state spending to no more than 99% of state revenue—no more legislative loopholes to avoid responsible budgeting and overspending;
  2. Require a 2/3 supermajority vote of the Legislature to approve new state borrowing—Iowans need greater protection against runaway state debt and bipartisan agreement should be required before the state saddles taxpayers with debts like the $1.7 billion Governor Culver gave us this year; and,
  3. Sunset authorization of every state budget program to ensure no state program continues indefinitely without a specific review and reauthorization by the Governor and Legislature.

Representative Raecker said, “As Ranking member and former Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, I have seen firsthand the need for the restraints and protections contained in our Iowa Family Budget Initiatives. This is a common sense approach to budget reform and House Republicans stand in unison with the State Party in our support.”

Senator Kettering said, “Iowa Republicans are speaking with one voice and are committed to protecting the men, women, families, and small businesses that pay taxes to support the state’s vital programs. They have every right to expect their representatives in Des Moines to take extraordinary steps to ensure these dollars are used wisely and Senate Republicans will push hard to make the Iowa Family Budget Initiatives a reality.”

In the coming months the Republican Party of Iowa, in conjunction with Iowa House and Senate Republicans, will travel the state and offer additional policy solutions on such issues as education, family, energy, environment, healthcare, and governmental transparency.