Republicans Announce Final Committee Chairs

(DES MOINES) – Speaker-Elect Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) today announced the final committee chairs for the 84th General Assembly.

They are as follows:

Administration and Rules Committee: Rep. Renee Schulte, Chair (R-Cedar Rapids)

Administrative Rules Review Committee: Rep. Dawn Pettengill, Chair (R-Mount Auburn)

Education Committee: Rep. Greg Forristall, Chair (R-Macedonia)

Environmental Protection Committee: Rep. Steve Olson, Chair (R-DeWitt)

Ethics Committee: Rep. Kevin Koester, Chair (R-Ankeny)

Government Oversight Committee: Rep. Chris Hagenow, Chair (R-Windsor Heights)

Human Resources Committee: Rep. Linda Miller, Chair (R-Bettendorf)

Judiciary Committee: Rep. Rich Anderson (R-Clarinda)

Local Government Committee: Rep. Nick Wagner, Chair (R-Marion)

Natural Resources Committee: Rep. Henry Rayhons, Chair (R-Garner)

Public Safety Committee: Rep. Clel Baudler, Chair (R-Greenfield)

Veterans Affairs Committee: Rep. Royd Chambers, Chair (R-Sheldon)

“There will be several important issues that come out of these committees this year and I’m pleased these chairs will be the ones leading those discussions,” said Paulsen. “These leaders are committed to serving Iowans and getting them back to work.”