Republicans Attempt to Pull Bills out of Committee

This afternoon House Republicans attempted to pull the following bills from committee and have them placed on the House calendar so they would not die in the funnel week.

The motion to pull them out failed on a party-line vote with Republicans voting for the motion and Democrats voting against.

HF 2262 – Claims sovereignty by the state of Iowa under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

HF 2214 – Defends Iowans right to purchase or not to purchase private health care insurance. Additionally the Legislature cannot require Iowans to participate in any health care plan, or impose a penalty/fine for not participating.

HF 2057 – Under current law, a sheriff has no right to require an individual acquiring a permit to carry to provide a list of weapons they own and their serial numbers. However, this is exactly what is occurring in one county in the State. Before this becomes the standard in other counties, HF 2057 stops this practice and protects the constitutional rights of Iowans.

HF 2218 – Narrowly construes the rule making authority for state agencies.

HF 2219 – Extends the period of time for a regulatory analysis of an administrative rule from 32 to 70 days.