Republicans Call on Governor to Freeze Pork Projects

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) today called for Gov. Culver to freeze all pork spending that has yet to be paid for.

“Republicans are committed to trying to find savings to help our state stay afloat during this tough recession,” said Paulsen. “Frivolous, payback spending has no place in budgets, and if he’s going to be serious about saving the state money, this should be an easy first step for the governor.”

Paulsen specifically points to money allocated for a Dubuque Amtrak station. Though money has been appropriated for the station, there is no Amtrak line that runs through Dubuque. Iowans refer to this as the train station to nowhere.

According to the nonpartisan Fiscal Bureau, the funding for the Dubuque Amtrak station is available and unobligated. Since the contracts have not been signed yet, the state can still recoup that money.

“The governor should take this step to cut out pork projects,” said Paulsen. “We hope he will stand with House Republicans to help cut out wasteful spending, save the state money and put taxpayers before political paybacks.”

This is one step where Republicans are making good on their pledge to dive into budgets to find savings. This savings was found today and must be acted upon quickly.


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