Republicans Offer Deeper Savings

Today House Republicans will offer an additional $290 million in General Fund savings today in the House State Government Committee. The committee is scheduled to approve the government reorganization bill, Senate File 2088.

“I’ve appreciated the bipartisan manner in which we’ve worked on the reorganization bill. I believe we have the ability to go further than the original bill and find even more savings and waste in government,” said State Government Ranking Member Doug Struyk (R-Council Bluffs). “I look forward to continued bipartisan work as we move this bill through the process.”

The following areas are outlined in the Republican amendment:

  • Eliminate the Power Fund and the Office of Energy Independence, reassign responsibilities (savings $25 million)
  • Eliminate the Rebuild Iowa Office, give responsibilities to Homeland Security (savings $1 million)
  • Eliminate taxpayer-funded lobbyists (savings $4 million)
  • Cancel all Regents sabbaticals for Fiscal Year 2011 (savings $6 million)
  • End all state benefits to illegal immigrant adults (savings $92.3 million)
  • Shift voluntary preschool responsibilities to Empowerment (savings $45 million)
  • Combine administrative functions at the Regents universities (savings $62 million)
  • Eliminate funding for empty shelter care beds (savings $2 million)
  • Delay the implementation of K-12 core curriculum for one year (savings $10.5 million)
  • Eliminate the family planning waiver (savings $2 million)
  • Sell and completely privatize the state general purpose vehicle fleet (savings $18 million)
  • Sell or lease the Iowa Communications Network (savings $15 million)
  • Cut funding for office supplies, service contracts, equipment purchases (savings $5 million)
  • Eliminate the Just Eliminate Lies (JEL) program (savings $2.25 million )

“The Democrats are $263 million short of the Governor’s target to balance the budget.” said Rep. Christopher Rants (R-Sioux City). “It’s ironic to be the one offering the amendment helping Culver reach his goal, but Republicans are here to work in a bi-partisan way to get Iowa’s fiscal house in order.”

“If adopted, these new additions, paired with the original bill, would amount to a total savings of $365 million which is more than what the governor has called for,” said Rep. Christopher Rants (R-Sioux City). “Legislative Democrats are obviously not taking the governor’s budget seriously so today we’re offering $290 million in additional savings. This majority needs to acknowledge the fiscal mess they’ve created.”