Speaker Pro Tem Windschitl’s Opening Remarks for the 86th General Assembly

Below are Speaker Pro Tem Windschitl’s opening day remarks, prepared for delivery:

Ladies and gentlemen of the 86th General Assembly thank you for bestowing on me the honor to serve as Speaker Pro Tem. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve with all of you. I would like to thank my constituents back home for choosing me to be their voice in this august body. I would also like to thank my family, especially my wife Ivelisse and our daughters, for all the sacrifices they make to accommodate my service to the people of Iowa.

We each have different priorities our constituents sent us here to focus on. As Speaker Pro Tem I look forward to working with each and every one of you to accomplish many of those priorities in a bipartisan fashion. There are times we may not agree on the best path forward, but we all have a similar interest at heart, to do what is right by the people of Iowa.

As we open the doors on this new General Assembly let us remember that our time in this chamber is finite and the seats in which we sit are borrowed. Iowans expect us to do our work in a timely fashion and in a bipartisan way. Let us all keep open minds to new ideas and be willing to listen to diverse opinions.

With each new session come new challenges and new opportunities. It is my sincere hope that when the books are closed on the 86th General Assembly we can look back with pride on the accomplishments we made on behalf of Iowans. Let us work together to make Iowa the best place to live, where taxes are low, jobs are abundant, education is top of the line, innocent life is protected and Second Amendment rights are fully embraced.

I pray that God guide us in all the work that lies ahead and show us the correct path to prosperity. God Bless you all!

Now let’s get down to business fulfilling the will of Iowans!