States Opening Checkbook to the Public, Iowa Isn't One of Them

A newspaper article in Florida (link) interview Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink on Tuesday as the state launched a Web page to open Florida’s state finances to scrutiny by the public.

budget-transparencyFlorida is just one of many states engaging in this type of transparency. Unfortunately, Iowa isn’t one of them. House Republicans pushed through HF 801, the Transparency Bill, this past session which created a searchable budget database for taxpayers. The bill died in the Senate.

Republicans added the transparency requirements into another bill but it was stripped out by House Democrats in the closing hours of the session. A vote for the amendment was a vote for removing the transparency language from the bill.

The vote for House Amendment H-1662 to HF 809, can be found here: 04-23-09, House Journal page 1666.