Support Cindy Golding

By now you have probably heard about the Senate District 18 special election to be held on November 8th in Linn County. A few weeks ago, the governor appointed my former State Senator, Sen. Swati Dandekar to serve on the Iowa Utilities Board, creating a vacancy in the Iowa Senate. Best of luck to Commissioner Dandekar — this is an important position and I have no doubt she will do a superb job.

Much emphasis is being put on this special election because of the gridlock in the Iowa Senate. Currently, the Senate is made up of 26 Democrats and 24 Republicans. Accordingly, Democrats control the agenda, including what bills move forward for debate and which bills do not. This race has the potential to swing control of the Senate to an even 25 – 25 split. A great deal is at stake for the State of Iowa when the polls open November 8th which is why we must elect Cindy Golding.

83 percent of the non-budget bills the House sent over were bipartisan and the Senate proceeded to kill almost all of them. Bills to grow Iowa’s economy, cut taxes, improve schools, put Iowans back to work and reduce the size of government were dead on arrival in the Senate.

I have known Cindy Golding, the winner of the Republican nomination, for over a decade. She is the right person to represent us in the Iowa Senate.

Cindy Golding will support an agenda to create an environment in Iowa where employers are encouraged to invest in the state and in our workforce. And, Cindy will fight to keep state spending under control and has pledged not to spend more than the state has coming in. If we do not do all we can to support Cindy, the Senate will continue to try to spend more than the state takes in, raise taxes and destroy any hope of job growth in this state.

Cindy Golding is a successful employer and knows what it takes to create jobs. She works every day and is committed to getting government out of the way so Iowa employers can start hiring again. She knows how to put Iowans back to work because she’s been doing it for years. We also know she’s concerned that Iowa’s taxes are stifling new growth, hurting Iowa businesses and taking too much out of everyday Iowans’ paychecks.

With well-funded union interests and a tilted media perspective, some may say this race is an uphill battle. But they would be making a serious miscalculation. If anyone is able to overcome these challenges it is Cindy Golding.

Help Cindy get her pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-Iowan message out to the voters of District 18 and end the gridlock in the Iowa Senate by visiting her website at or her facebook page here

Please join me in supporting her candidacy.