Support Grows for House Compromise Plan

Education ReformLess than one day after the House Republicans offered their education reform compromise plan, support for the Republican plan is beginning to grow.

The Iowa Association of School Boards, Urban Education Network and School Administrators of Iowa have all backed the plan.

The Iowa Association of School Boards and Urban Education Network said:

“IASB, in consultation with the School Administrators of Iowa and the Urban Education Network, lends its support to this proposal.

The House-passed version of education reform contains many provisions important to school districts, including:

  • A more comprehensive and rigorous assessment to better measure student achievement;
  • Student learning as a component of teacher evaluation;
  • A flexible teacher leadership framework that allows districts to submit their own proposal; and
  • Home rule lite, which provides more local control and flexibility for local school boards to make decisions.” (IASB action alert sent 4/10/13).

Additionally, the School Administrators of Iowa said:

“This does seem to be a financial compromise that could be acceptable….SAI is supportive of this proposal by the House.” (SAI action alert sent 4/10/13).

The House Republicans’ plan offers flexibility for school districts, accountability to parents and protection for taxpayers.  We remain hopeful that the Senate will take our compromise under serious consideration and we can resolve this issue today.