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House Republicans Gave Iowa Taxpayers a #BetterDeal in 2017

One of the most important things that the Legislature can do is value each and every dollar that the hardworking taxpayers of Iowa send to their state government.  House Republicans believe that the state budget should be managed just like Iowa families and businesses manage their own.

Several bills passed this session give Iowa taxpayers a better deal than they were getting before.  One of  the biggest achievements of the legislative session were the reforms made to Iowa’s four decade old collective bargaining law that put taxpayers at a disadvantage.  Other bills that were signed into law include permanent extension of the Property Assessment Appeal Board, combining school board and municipal elections to be held in November, and passing smart sentencing reforms that allocate resources effectively and keep Iowans safe.

It’s clear that after the 2017 session, Iowa taxpayers are getting a #BetterDeal.

Reformed collective bargaining to give taxpayers a seat at the table

One of the biggest reforms passed by the Legislature this session dealt with public sector employees.  Iowa’s collective bargaining law had been on the books, with minimal changes, for more than 40 years.  The law had become outdated and tilted too far in favor of government unions at the expense of Iowa taxpayers. House Republicans took this challenge head on and never wavered because taxpayers deserve a better deal.

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House Republicans Gave Iowa Families a #BetterDeal in 2017

Iowa is already a great place to live, work, and raise a family, but House Republicans want to do more to support Iowa families.  In order to move Iowa forward, we need a positive environment where families have opportunities to thrive and grow.

House Republicans worked hard this session to support Iowa families in a number of different ways.  We made it easier to save for a home so families can put down roots, continued our efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, extended valuable insurance coverage to families who have a child with autism, and expanded access to medical cannabidiol to help sick Iowans.  Each of these things with benefit Iowa families in a tremendous way and improve each of their lives.

It’s clear that after the 2017 session, Iowa families are getting a #BetterDeal.

Helping Iowans save for their future

One of the best ways we can get young Iowans to stay in Iowa and put down roots is by encouraging home ownership.  House Republicans made it easier for Iowans to save for a down payment on their first house by creating First-Time Homebuyer Savings Accounts.  These accounts, similar to the College Savings Iowa 529 plans, provide tax benefits and encourage saving for the future purpose of purchasing a home.

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House Republicans Gave Iowa Employers a #BetterDeal in 2017

Iowa’s unemployment rate is at its lowest point in several years and continues to remain lower than most states.

But there’s more that we can do to ensure that Iowa businesses are equipped to succeed and Iowa’s economy continues to grow.  Barriers to innovation need to be broken down and more certainty and opportunity are what Iowa employers need to create jobs and expand.

House Republicans worked this session to foster that pro-growth environment through a number of measures including Workers’ Compensation reform, regulatory reform, investments in job training, and ensuring employers have the infrastructure needed to expand.

These reforms and initiatives will make it easier to do business in Iowa, encourage growth, and lead to more jobs and higher wages for Iowans.

It’s clear that after the 2017 session, Iowa employers are getting a #BetterDeal.

A predictable Workers’ Compensation system

Over the last decade, Iowa’s Workers’ Compensation system was knocked out of balance by several administrative interpretations and court decisions that made our system unpredictable for both Iowa employers and workers who were injured on the job.  Changes made this session provide more clarity to the system, ensuring more stability and predictability for all parties.

Reforms made by House Republicans this session will allow injured workers to collect benefits that are owed to them without the need to hire a costly attorney.  This will leave more money in the pockets of injured employees until they can return to work.  House Republicans also allowed injured workers to qualify for vocational rehab and job retraining, for certain injuries, at the employer’s expense.

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House Republicans Gave Iowa Schools a #BetterDeal in 2017

Education for Iowa’s children is one of our top priorities and House Republicans are committed to providing a world-class education for Iowa’s students.

During the 2017 legislative session, House Republicans increased funding for K-12 education, provided more funding flexibility, and allowed for more decision making at the local level.  Most importantly, House Republicans broadened the conversation about education beyond the yearly decision on how much additional money to invest.

It’s clear that following the 2017 session, Iowa schools are getting a #BetterDeal.

Giving schools more flexibility

House Republicans recognize that no two school districts are exactly alike and have worked to allow schools to better meet the specific needs of their students and teachers.

One of the major achievements of the 2017 session was providing school districts with more flexibility.  House Republicans worked closely with school boards, superintendents, and other officials to craft a flexibility plan that will likely benefit every district.

This plan gives schools more allowable uses on funding and loosens many of the strings that are tied to various sources of funding.  It also allows schools to use funds that are continually stuck in accounts, due to burdensome state restrictions, on specific needs that needs that they have.

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