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House Republicans Gave Iowa Schools a #BetterDeal in 2017

Education for Iowa’s children is one of our top priorities and House Republicans are committed to providing a world-class education for Iowa’s students.

During the 2017 legislative session, House Republicans increased funding for K-12 education, provided more funding flexibility, and allowed for more decision making at the local level.  Most importantly, House Republicans broadened the conversation about education beyond the yearly decision on how much additional money to invest.

It’s clear that following the 2017 session, Iowa schools are getting a #BetterDeal.

Giving schools more flexibility

House Republicans recognize that no two school districts are exactly alike and have worked to allow schools to better meet the specific needs of their students and teachers.

One of the major achievements of the 2017 session was providing school districts with more flexibility.  House Republicans worked closely with school boards, superintendents, and other officials to craft a flexibility plan that will likely benefit every district.

This plan gives schools more allowable uses on funding and loosens many of the strings that are tied to various sources of funding.  It also allows schools to use funds that are continually stuck in accounts, due to burdensome state restrictions, on specific needs that needs that they have.

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Week Fifteen Press Conference Highlights


Week Fourteen Press Conference Highlights


Democrat Games Push Schools Past Deadline

(DES MOINES) – Today Rep. Chuck Soderberg (R-Le Mars), co-chair of the Legislative Conference Committee on education funding, sharply criticized Senate Democrats for playing politics with education funding.

“The first bill off the floor of the House was setting school funding.  Republicans put forth a serious and significant proposal for funding, a $100 million investment which is more than half of all new money coming into the state,” said Soderberg.  “Since that point, Senate Democrats have done nothing but deliberately waste time and push off the funding decision passed the deadline schools face to certify their budgets.  Iowa’s school children deserve more than politics from the Senate Democrats.”


Breaking Down 1.25%: A Letter to Iowa School Boards

Below is a letter from former school board members in the House Republican Caucus sent to school board members across the state

Education leaders,

Thank you for your input on school decisions before the legislature – the perspectives that you share with legislators help us do better work for Iowans at the capitol.  Many of you have expressed your frustrations with what’s been happening in Des Moines lately regarding the school start date and funding.  You have every right to be frustrated. As former school board members, we have experienced similar frustrations.

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Week Eleven Press Conference Highlights


Week Seven Press Conference Highlights


Rep. Jorgensen’s Opening Comments on Education Funding

Ron JorgensenI first want to thank all of those who attended and provided comments at the public hearing last night. It was evident that we have a lot of high quality passionate people who believe in having a strong educational system within the state. I believe in that also.

I’ve heard a number of times, if we didn’t spend money on the education reform we would have more money for SSA. If we didn’t do the property tax reform we would have more money for SSA. That is true. But if you are going to succeed in any venture you must be willing to invest strategically into the future. If something is not working you must change it; if the competition is changing you must also change. Refusing to change will assure only one thing.   Failure.  Continuing to prioritize funding into a system that has seen declining enrollments and stagnant achievement results will result in future failure. That is why our investment with Education Reform AND property tax reform is so important. If we don’t spur economic development through improving our education system and lowering our tax rates we will only continue to see enrollment declines and stagnant achievement results.    But that takes money and that —and  for the short term creates hurt and sacrifice in other areas.   But the future benefit is worth it.

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Week Two Press Conference Highlights


Policy Spotlight: Education Funding

Policy Spotlight

Stability and Growth in Education Funding

From 2002 to 2012, education funding in Iowa was a tumultuous period.  This is evidenced by numerous across the board cuts – which affected education and every other area of the budget – and moves by the legislature to underfund the state’s responsibility in the school funding formula.  Over that decade it happened no less than 6 times with the capstone being the 2010 10% across-the-board cut.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this graph is worth $530 million dollars.

Total Ed Spending

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