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KGAN Story on Ft. Madison Prison Delays

Below is a detailed news story that KGAN News ran last week about the numerous construction delays at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Ft. Madison.  The prison was supposed to be up and operational nearly two years ago, but multiple issues has prevented it from opening.  Speaker Kraig Paulsen has tasked Government Oversight Committee Chairman Bobby Kaufmann to look into the delays and find out why taxpayers are on the hook for a prison that has yet to be opened.  Rep. Kaufmann is interviewed in this video as well.


Rep. Koester’s Oversight Opening Comments

We’ve called this oversight meeting to better understand how Victim Assistance Grants program is functioning and to ensure there is appropriate transparency, and accountability when state dollars are being spent. Representatives have been reviewing the information provided by the Attorney General’s office and the Crime Victim Assistance Division. The main goal of this Oversight meeting is to understand the rules governing the Victim Assistance Grants Program and to ensure that the $6.7 million appropriated to the program is being used in accordance with state rules and being used to serve the best interest of the victims.  I would like to thank the Legislative Services Agency, the Attorney General’s Office and the Crime Victim Assistance Division for their help as we prepared for this meeting. This meeting is not a witch hunt, rather it is a chance for the department to explain some of their practices and for Representatives to ensure tax dollars are being spent in the best manner.


Oversight Committee Announces Investigation Into Attorney General’s Office

(DES MOINES) — Today Rep. Kevin Koester (R-Ankeny), Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, announced an investigation into Attorney General Tom Miller’s office.  Specifically, the investigation will focus on administrative practices of the Crime Victim Assistance Division (CVAD) and grants that are awarded to help the victims of violent crimes.

Victim Assistance Grants are designed to provide services to victims at the local level.  Through this review, the committee’s goal will be to determine if taxpayer money has been misspent or improperly documented.  The CVAD and these grants exist to ensure victims receive the assistance they desperately need and that the money given to these organizations is truly used to help victims.

“Our mission is twofold:  are taxpayers’ dollars being spent wisely and is that money getting to victims in need,” said Rep. Koester.

The committee will meet Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 1:00 pm to question staff from the Attorney General’s office.

Who:  House Government Oversight Committee

What: Investigation into Attorney General Tom Miller’s office

When:  Monday, September 8, 2014


Where:  Supreme Court Chamber, Iowa Capitol