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Grassley and Hein Submit Testimony in Support of Renewable Fuels Standard

(DES MOINES) – Thursday, Reps. Pat Grassley (New Hartford) and Lee Hein (Monticello) addressed the “Hearing in the Heartland:  Supporting the Renewable Fuel Standard” in Des Moines.  Grassley and Hein gave testimony in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and submitted their comments to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency.  Below are their comments:

Rep. Pat Grassley:

grassley rfsThank you for the opportunity to speak today in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).  I am Rep. Pat Grassley from New Hartford – I am chairman of the Iowa House Agriculture committee.

The benefits of a strong and secure RFS go beyond the rows and rows of Iowa cornfields.  If the EPA is allowed to dismantle the current RFS, the entire Midwest will be left stunned.  The devastation will reverberate through businesses — those on Main Street, big cities and everyone in between.  It will be felt by the families who depend on the income of a job that will be eliminated.  Those on fixed incomes who cannot afford even the slightest increase in their gas bill will suffer.

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