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House Republicans Gave Iowa Taxpayers a #BetterDeal in 2017

One of the most important things that the Legislature can do is value each and every dollar that the hardworking taxpayers of Iowa send to their state government.  House Republicans believe that the state budget should be managed just like Iowa families and businesses manage their own.

Several bills passed this session give Iowa taxpayers a better deal than they were getting before.  One of  the biggest achievements of the legislative session were the reforms made to Iowa’s four decade old collective bargaining law that put taxpayers at a disadvantage.  Other bills that were signed into law include permanent extension of the Property Assessment Appeal Board, combining school board and municipal elections to be held in November, and passing smart sentencing reforms that allocate resources effectively and keep Iowans safe.

It’s clear that after the 2017 session, Iowa taxpayers are getting a #BetterDeal.

Reformed collective bargaining to give taxpayers a seat at the table

One of the biggest reforms passed by the Legislature this session dealt with public sector employees.  Iowa’s collective bargaining law had been on the books, with minimal changes, for more than 40 years.  The law had become outdated and tilted too far in favor of government unions at the expense of Iowa taxpayers. House Republicans took this challenge head on and never wavered because taxpayers deserve a better deal.

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