Taxpayers Trust Fund

This week began with some very special visitors to the Iowa House. On Monday, the House honored Iowa’s World War II veterans. This week marks the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of the conflict and Republican and Democrat members of the House recognized their service and sacrifice by passing a House Resolution. I’m pleased so many could join us at the Capitol for this special event.

Speaker Pro Tem Jeff Kaufmann said it best from the House floor, “This resolution represents a moment of unity, a moment without division. At this moment there is no rural or urban; there is no Democrat or Republican, just reverence and the quiet whisper of thank-you from every corner of this chamber.”

Also this week, the House and Senate unanimously approved the conference report on Senate File 209. Highlights of the conference report include funding for Iowa’s indigent defense system, tax-relief provisions such as expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, accelerated depreciation and the creation of the Tax Relief Fund.

As you know, House Republicans have been fighting all year for the Tax Relief Fund, called the Taxpayers Trust Fund in the bill, which sets aside excess state tax collections into a fund to be used for tax relief for Iowans. The fund will also play a key role in preventing state government from spending more money than the state collects in revenue. For too long, Iowa taxpayers have not had a seat at the table. The Tax Relief Fund will keep money out of the hands of government and puts it back into the pockets of Iowans, where it belongs. On Thursday, the governor vetoed portions of Senate File 209 — leaving intact the Taxpayers Trust Fund.

The final scheduled legislative day for the first session of the 84th General Assembly is April 29th. I have told members of my caucus that it appears we may go past this date. Regardless, we will continue the work Iowans sent us here to do until it is complete.

Next week we will continue our work on the budgets, property tax relief and mental health reform. We have had several legislators working throughout the session – across the aisle and with the Senate and governor’s office – to reform these areas. They continue to make progress.

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