Tea Party at the State Capitol

Iowans showed their displeasure at the Capitol today by gathering in peaceful protest at a Tea Party. Thousands Hundreds of Iowans listened to speakers on the west side of the building on Tax Day and held signs saying “Give us liberty, not debt,” “Taxed Enough Already,” “Don’t Tax Me Bro!” and “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Iowans have come out against taxes previously this legislative session by showing up in droves to a public hearing on the elimination of Federal Deductibility, a proposal that Democrats brought before the House. The public out cry appears that it may be working as it was reported in the Des Moines Register today that the Federal Deductibility Tax plan ‘dead this session,’ some Dems predict.

House Republicans will standby Iowa taxpayers and continue to fight against policies that seek to increase taxes on Iowa families.

Below are pictures from today’s Tea Party:

  • kittie peacock

    I would like to disagree with the “hundreds” of Iowa taxpayers showing up. there were 3,000 according to the DMPD. All taxpayers and VOTERS. We have never “protested” before(ergo, silent majority) Do NOT fool yourselves in thinking this is a one time thing. We love our Country! You know, the Country that follows the Constitution of the USA. We believe the direction we are headed is away from our Constitution. We will continue to protect it the way our founding fathers laid out for us, peacefully. You can stand with us or against us, there is no middle. We want your help. We pray you love your Country also.
    Mrs. Kittie Peacock (voter, protester,and Extreme right according to DHS)