The Iowa Model

This week the House and Senate approved the new redistricting map. As I’ve said in the past, Iowa’s redistricting system is fair, open and serves Iowans well.

Every 10 years following the Census, the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency is tasked with drawing boundaries that determine state House, Senate and Congressional districts. The map and a bipartisan commission travels the state to gather Iowans’ input and thoughts, and it is then submitted to the legislature for its consideration.

Our system for redistricting has drawn attention of many states across the country. In fact just this week, Reps. Peter Cownie and Vicki Lensing joined North Carolina legislators for an online press conference touting the Iowa model. In North Carolina, legislators currently draw their own lines but they are now looking to Iowa as the model to implement.

The map passed both the House and Senate, with overwhelmingly bipartisan support. It now goes to the governor for his signature or veto. I believe this version of the map is fair and allows everyone to compete. Republicans will be successful under this new map because we are doing what Iowans asked us to: reducing the size and scope of government, reigning in out of control spending, putting Iowans back to work and providing tax relief.

The legislature continues working toward adjournment and is focusing on the budget process. As I’ve said in the past, the House Republicans’ budget plan is honest, transparent and sustainable. Our budget gets rid of the use of one-time money for ongoing expenses, which has been an irresponsible budget practice of past legislatures. Instead, our budget provides for priority services, yet does not spend more than the state of Iowa takes in. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to work through the budget process, keeping these principles at the forefront.

The Iowa House announced last week that we will be honoring World War II veterans on Monday, April 18th at 1pm in the House Chamber.

Legislators will consider a resolution honoring Iowa’s World War II veterans in this, the 70th Anniversary Year of the beginning of the conflict. Republican and Democratic legislators are inviting any Iowa World War II veteran to be present. Following the resolution, the Representatives have arranged for a meeting and ceremony for the veterans to take place on the First Floor Rotunda.

I hope you’ll join us if you are able.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My office phone is (515) 281-3521 or my email is