The Vote Goes On…

The vote was open for:

2 days, 19 hours, 16 minutes

Democrats this evening decided that votes cast against the Prevailing Wage bill, House File 333, must not have been what the members intended. For what is the first time that anyone can remember, Democratic leadership decided to leave the vote open all weekend long, until Monday.

The vote total currently stands at 50 yes, 46 no and 4 absent. The no votes are comprised of all Republicans present and 5 Democrats: McKinley Bailey, Doris Kelley, Larry Marek, Dolores Mertz, and Brian Quirk. Democrat Geri Huser is one of the absent votes, as she is out of town for the weekend.

House Speaker Pat Murphy will be sitting and sleeping in the chair presiding over the House all weekend because leaving the vote open means that the House is still open.

The vote goes on as more than likely the Democratic leadership is doing everything they can to get the Democrats who voted no to change their mind.

To be continued…