Under the Golden Dome, Too – September 19

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As we get closer to the election, everyone naturally begins to think about what his or her priorities are. This is something I really look forward to because I love to hear what you would like to see us work on in the Legislature.

Throughout my conversations, it has become clear that a lot of you remain concerned about jobs and the economy. These are not new issues given the economic struggles that are still fresh in our memories and felt by many. But they remain at the top of your priorities and what I hear is that we need to not lose our focus.

I am committed to keeping my work in the Iowa House focused on growing the Iowa economy and increasing job opportunities in high wage careers. If we are successful we can grow our middle class and make an already great place to live even better.

There is no one solution to get this done and we must take a long-term approach. That means continuing to invest in education so our children graduate with the skills necessary. It means increasing access to training for our current workforce so they can transition into the higher skills jobs where there is demand. It also means continuing to pursue a favorable business climate in which we can showcase how we offer more opportunity than surrounding states.

We have been focused on these kinds of policies in recent years, with an emphasis on impacting rural areas. I am encouraged that we are beginning to see some success. There have been some very high profile projects that have chosen the state recently that will benefit Iowa families for years to come.

Our economy is growing and recent economic indicators show that we are impacting all Iowans. Two months into the fiscal year, individual income tax revenue is up over 11 percent. This is yet another sign that more Iowans are finding jobs and they are moving into higher paying jobs.

Focusing on the jobs and the economy is having a positive effect. What I hear from you is that while this is a good start we need to continue on this path. I look forward to working with you, our local leaders, members of the business community, and Governor Branstad to make sure that happens.

If you have any questions or have comments you would like to share, you can always reach me at Linda.Upmeyer@legis.iowa.gov  or at 515-281-4618.

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  • I agree on your focus on good jobs and the economy. Another part of this, for parents in the workforce who have young children, is high quality childcare. Some in the workforce need childcare assistance, and childcare workers also deserve a decent wage. So I hope that legislative support for better funding for childcare is also a focus for you. If you would like to see our childcare center in Des Moines, please let me know.
    Thank you!

  • And you can reach me at gloriag@cfiowa.org or at 515-697-7920.