Under the Golden Dome, Too – Week One

Upmeyer UTGD

The 85th General Assembly has officially kicked off and we are already hard at work. It is always a humbling experience to walk into our beautiful State Capitol, thinking of all the history that is contained in these hallways and meeting rooms, and know I have been entrusted with the privilege of continuing to serve my fellow neighbors in the Iowa House.

In my role as the House Majority Leader, I was honored to provide remarks on the House Floor during the opening ceremonies of the 2013 legislative session. If you are interested in following the action taking place in the Iowa House this session, please visit www.legis.iowa.gov, to view a live video stream of floor debate and our daily activity.

As I stated during my speech, I am afraid that because of the issues plaguing Washington, Americans may be losing their faith in government. They question the ability of good men and women to come together to tackle issues head on. It is my hope that the 85th General Assembly of Iowa may serve as an example of the best in public service.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate what happens when we focus not on our differences, but on our common goals. I am looking forward to working together to identify solutions to the problems we face, such as revitalizing our education system and providing significant and genuine tax relief to all classes of property.

We will remain vigilant about sticking to our core principles of commonsense budgeting- and because of the responsible budgeting practices of the past two years, the state now enjoys a healthy ending balance. We should commit to returning the overpayment of tax dollars back to its rightful owners- the taxpayers of Iowa. Hardworking Iowans earned that money and they are best equipped to invest it back into our state.

To view my speech in its entirety, visit www.iowahouserepublicans.com.

On Tuesday, the Governor gave his annual Condition of the State Address and presented his two-year budget to the General Assembly. I was pleased to hear the Governor echo many of the principles and goals I outlined in my speech- to provide real property tax relief and reform, ensure the state spends less than it takes in, and a desire to return the over-collection of taxpayer dollars back to Iowans.

Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court Mark Cady presented the Condition of the Judiciary on Wednesday. I appreciated hearing Justice Cady’s plans to continue to increase efficiency, technology, and transparency in Iowa’s courts system in order to best serve and protect Iowans across the state.

If you are planning a trip to the Capitol in the coming months, I would love to see you! Feel free to contact me anytime at linda.upmeyer@legis.iowa.gov or 515-281-4618 to schedule a visit or to make me aware of any issues you care about.