Unions Look to February for Pay Back Legislation

From last week’s House Republican Newsletter:

With the rush to approve the Rebuild Iowa bill by the end of next week, it is likely Big Labor interests that funded House Democrat’s campaigns will demand their payback beginning in February.

Here are some of the job-killing bills that may be debated in the Labor Committee:

  • Gutting the Right to Work law, aka “Fair Share” – requiring non-union employees to pay a fee, up to the amount of full union dues, to the union that covers that bargaining unit.
  • Collective bargaining changes – changes scope of negotiations for public employees (which will increase property taxes) and makes it more difficult to fire bad teachers.
  • Employee Choice of Doctor for workers compensation — allows an employee to pre-designate a physician who is a primary care provider, who has previously provided treatment to the employee and has retained the employee’s medical records, to provide treatment for a work-related injury.
  • Independent Contractor bill – requires contractors to classify individuals who perform services for the contractor as employees of the contractor, which will increase payroll taxes as well as increase insurance costs and workers compensation premiums.
  • Prevailing wage – requires contractors to pay a higher wage and more fringe benefits, which will increase the cost of public works projects on the state and local government level.
  • Nurse whistleblower bill — provides “protections” for health care workers against retaliation or reprisals resulting from the disclosure of certain information, increasing the cost of health care.

House Republicans will judge every bill this session with the question “Does this bill help grow Iowa’s economy?” None of the above bills pass that test.


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