Unions Prevail, Taxpayers Are Defeated on Wage Bill

Today the Iowa House will take up House File 333, which will enact a prevailing wage in Iowa. The “prevailing wage” is an administrative wage, set by government officials, based on union wage rates where the work would be performed. They are, in effect, required by law to spend more money than necessary.

“We’re over one-third of the way through the legislative session and Democrats have yet to move a bill that puts one Iowan back to work and this prevailing wage bill is nothing new,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “The only people who stand to benefit from this bill are big union contractors out of state contractors. This will crush family-owned, small town Iowa contractors.”

The bill, which moved out of committee earlier in the week, is set to be brought before the House later today for a vote. House Republicans will offer numerous amendments to protect taxpayers, exempt disaster-related expenditures, and add transparency to the process.

“When our state has a budget out of balance, more than 80,000 Iowans out of work, and serious problems to address, the Democrat plan is to raise taxes on every homeowner and business in the state. How could they be any more out of touch?” said Paulsen.


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